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Everlast is proud to offer education courses in plastic surgery to healthcare professionals in Abu Dhabi.

By partnering with the Abu Dhabi government and organizing events, we are aligned with the government’s efforts to create a healthier community.

Our plastic surgery courses are designed to provide healthcare professionals with the latest knowledge and techniques to help them deliver the highest standards of patient care and safety.

As part of our social responsibility, we aim to support the government’s objectives towards private sector improvement and elevate the level of education for community members. By investing in education, we are contributing to a safer and healthier Abu Dhabi community.

Apply for Fall 2023

Applications for our Fall 2023 plastic surgery courses are now open. Apply today to secure your spot.

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We offer scholarships for our plastic surgery courses. Apply now and take the first step towards advancing your career.

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Global Certificate

Our plastic surgery courses are internationally recognized, and upon completion, students receive a global certificate of achievement.

Alumni Support

We provide ongoing support and networking opportunities for our alumni to ensure their continued success.

Books & Library

Access to a wide range of books and resources is available to our students through our extensive library.

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Our teachers are some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the plastic surgery industry.

They bring a wealth of expertise and practical experience to our plastic surgery courses, helping healthcare professionals develop the skills they need to excel in their field.

Our teachers are committed to providing high-quality education and are passionate about helping students achieve their professional goals.

With a deep understanding of the latest techniques and best practices, our teachers are dedicated to delivering cutting-edge education that is relevant and practical.

Whether you’re a seasoned plastic surgeon or just starting out in your career, our teachers can provide you with the guidance and support you need to succeed.

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